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CEO Message

Thank you for visiting EM Korea’s Homepage

Continuous growth engine of EM Korea is the power of positive thinking and people

Thank you for visiting EM Korea’s Homepage
Greetings, This is Sam Su Kang, CEO of EM Korea

EM Korea strives to satisfy the demands and expectations of customers through honesty and trust
Since its establishment as Dongwoo Precision Co. in 1987, EM Korea has attained an excellent reputation based on honesty and trust for its advanced capability in machining, assembly, and the manufacturing of all machine parts for machine tools, defense, and power generation equipment industries. With a strong financial status with the quotation in KOSDAQ in 2007, EM Korea has remained focused on environment/energy businesses, constructing hydrogen stations using its own technologies, and endeavoring to construct hydrogen infrastructure for the upcoming renewable energy era. In 2011, EM Korea were recognized for our continuous effort with the Silver Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit

We are currently endeavoring to extend the reach of our TBM business, a peculiar brand of EM Korea
EM Korea is challenging to the nation’s first tunnel boring machine manufacturer as an innovation and endeavoring to harden the foundation of TBM business, a peculiar brand of EM Korea. The tunnel boring machine (TBM) bores tunnels by rotating the front cylinder-shaped cutter head. EM Korea is working to manufacture a machine specifically designed our own soils and which protects our environment. This machine will economically construct tunnels by localizing TBM business, creating jobs and creating a better world for all. We hope you join our vision and support EM Korea as we work to become global leaders through
Thank you