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EM Korea will do endless technology innovation based on solid foundation

2014. 03
The first shipment of a localized Tunnel Boring Machine was made.

After acquiring technology from Taiko Techs Japan, EM Korea
succeeded to manufacture the first semi shield TBM CKE- 1000
(diameter 1m), an ideal TBM for Korean soil

일본 Taiko Techs사 기술인수 및 JTSC와 TBM 공동생산협약 체결 모습
2014. 10
Constructed Gwangju green hydrogenstation and started to operate
2014. 07
Started gas pipe construction from Gokseoung to Gurye with EMK model
2014. 03
Progress on test stand construction project
(Korean type launch vehicle propulsion facility)
2014. 03
First article of Tunnel Boring Machine published
2014. 01
Registered patent for industrial organic waste decomposer
TBM-1호기 출하
2013. 12
Produced 15,000 CNC lathes
2013. 11
Acquired patent for Alkali type hydrogen purifying generator
2013. 10
Completed construction and began operation of Daegu hydrogen station
2013. 09
Defense quality management system certified by DTaQ
2013. 07
Received an ASCG AMS certificate for BWTS
2013. 05
Developed pre-cleaner for K-21
2013. 05
Registered patent of air exhauster for CNC lathes
2013. 05
Technology acquisition from Taiko Techs Japan and signed a contract with JTSC regarding the co-production of TBM
TBM 공동생산협약 체결
2012. 09
Registered patent for organic food waste decomposer
2012. 07
Delivered first article of HIB-600 BWTS
2012. 06
First shipment of Hydraulic reservoir (T-50)
2012. 03
AS9100 Rev C certified
2012. 03
Registered as a specialized installment company in
new renewable energy facilities
유압저장조 출하
2011. 12
R&D team recognized as the most outstanding R&D team by Changwon City
2011. 11
BWTS model approved by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport
2011. 08
Integrated operation of Hyundai hydrogen station
in Jeju
2011. 07
Opened new plant in Namsan-dong, Changwon
2011. 07
Attained IMO approval for BWTS at 62thMEPC
2011. 05
Awarded the Silver Tower Order of Industrial
Service Merit
2011. 03
First shipment of hydrogen generator
(Saemangeum Theme park)
은탑산업훈장 수상 창원시 최고 연구팀 상 수상
2010. 12
Produced 10,000 CNC lathes
2010. 11
Certified excellent enterprise for creating occupations by Gyeongnam Provincial Government
2010. 10
Installation of on-board testing equipment for BWTS
2010. 09
Developed dozer system for K-21 ARV
2010. 03
Developed traversing & elevating mechanism
and top carriage for KH-178
CNC 10,000대 기념