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Introduction of CI and signature implying EMK’s identity

Symbol Mark
Symbol Mark

Power of future oriented vision

The basic concept of EM Korea’s corporate image is a strong confidence of customer which is accumulated by the harmony of EM Korea’s perfect technology and man power. The status of EM Korea which plays a leader in the upcoming alternative energy industry and high technology is symbolized in the image of Taiji and flow of Energy source. The direction of flow is to express the restrained image from condensation to expansion, showing the force of the future oriented vision.


ㆍSigniture Horizontal

Signiture Horizontal

ㆍSigniture Vertical Combination

Signiture Vertical Combination Download

It is a representative visual element to represent EM Korea along with its symbol. If it is used along with the symbol mark, a completed signature is formed and it is used as the official mark of EM Korea.

Color System

The color system is an important visual element representing EM Korea.
The red stands for source of energy and the dignity of human,
blue stands for man power of EM Korea,
and green represents the will of EM Korea to realize an eco friendly company.

The color of EM Korea shows a dynamic force by a proper harmonization of blue and red colors. Accordingly, as the symbol shows EM Korea’s unique characteristics and uniform brand image, its shape shall not be changed but is to be used according to the regulations. In expressing the colors, proper care should be taken to colors, brightness, and chroma.