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Core Values

Core Value of EM Korea is “The power of positive thinking and people”

Core value (Management philosophy)

Center of enterprise is people

The power of positive thinking and people

With the belief that the value of people is the value of the company, EM Korea will try to make a beautiful corporate culture with the core value of the company management such as “Responsibility”, to perform all processes for customer’s satisfaction, “Honesty” for fair distribution,
and “Challenge”to induce a new growth engine for innovation.

Responsibility for set customer’s satisfaction as a top priority, Honesty for a fair distribution, Challenge for a new growth

Management philosophy

  • The world best
    precision machinery
  • Leader of environment friendly alternative
  • Developing future
    oriented new

Management policy

Speedy R&D, Delivery / Smoothly  Method, Process / Smartly Man, Machine, Products
  • Marketing strategy
  • R&D Strategy
  • Management system
  • Quality system
  • ㆍPositioning as a TBM manufacturer
  • ㆍSecure overseas business line in the field of aerospace
  • ㆍBuilt strong name-value as an energy expert cooperation
  • ㆍSecure cost competitiveness of our own brand products – TBM, BWTS
  • ㆍReinforcement of 4P competitiveness – manage N/W efficiently, reinforce PM ability
  • ㆍDeveloped TBM successfully
  • ㆍAcquired aerospace fields R&D project
  • ㆍSecured ability of designing sub assembly
  • ㆍBuilt up the foundation of system development
  • ㆍFinish up developing projects – Nitrogen generator, Uplock Box
  • ㆍFollow management by objective (MBO)
    ㆍSecure trust of ERPO system
    ㆍBuild effective purchasing system
    ㆍSystematic development of
          human resource (hiring, education)
  • ㆍBuild enterprise-wide
        cost innovation
    ㆍBuild optimized factory
    ㆍSecure 4M competitiveness
  • ㆍEnhance quality through
        independence inspection
    ㆍSecure leading quality
        (development, design)
    ㆍAcquire reliability and quality of
        outsource processes
  • ㆍAchieve quality goals
        - Customer dissatisfaction rate:
            500ppm (Changwon)
        - Outsourcing inadequate rate:
            0.06% (Changwon)
        - Storage defection rate:
            85ppm (Haman)
        - Initial claim rate: 0 (Haman)