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Semi-Shield TBM


Cobra method

This method enables economical construction by thrusting from small shaft


Semi-shield TBM can smash even bedrock

EM Korea bought from Taiko Techs the rights to manufacturing and selling its TBM


Cobra method TBM EM Korea’s Cobra method semi-shield TBM can cope with from normal soil to hard rock. It securesthe best productivity with high bearing capacity and slurry process which has strong grinding and shortening construction time

It is semi-shield TBM which can deal with every type of soil from normal one to boulder. It is suitable equipment to Korea where has lots of hard rock area. Also, economical construction is possible by thrusting through small sized launch shaft. The size of equipment also small so that it does not occupy much space and it does execution with high output motor and tri-cone bit



Feature of Cobra method and applicable area

  • ㆍHigh bearing capacity, slurry method
  • ㆍPrevent rolling by use of joint pipe
  • ㆍWorks well to bedrock by use of high output
        motor and tri-cone bit

Main Components

  • Tunneling Machine
    Tunneling Machine
    • Cutter beat : Tri-cone cutter beat
    • Direction modifying cylinder : 490kN x 3EA
    • Cutter motor : 74kW (37kW x 2EA)
    • Rotation : 10.08rpm
    • Torque : 71.5kN·m
    • Size : Φ1,220 x L4,206
    • Weight : 8,130.1kg
  • Tunneling Machine
    Pipe Jacking (Pipe Jacking)
    • Jacking force : 3,920kN
    • Size : W1,565 x L7,584 x H1,400
    • Weight : 6,346.6kg
  • Tunneling Machine
    Hydraulic Unit (HYD. Unit)
    • Motor : 15kW
    • Discharge amount : 0∼24ℓ/min
    • Pressure : 700kgf/㎠
    • Pressure : 600kgf/㎠
    • Size : W1,000 x L1,200 x H1,400
    • Capacity : 1,000ℓ
    • Weight : EMPTY 700kg, FULL 1,700kg
  • Tunneling Machine
    Slurry treatment device
    ( Tank, mud separator)
    • Form : SM-1.2
    • Treatment amount : 1.2㎥/Min
    • Treatment capability : 8∼10t/H
    • Agitator pump : 5.5kW
    • Cyclo pump : 7.5kW
    • Vibration equipment : 1.2kW x 2EA
    • Capacity : 8,500ℓ
    • Weight : Tank 1,351.6kg
                           Mud separator : 602.9kg
  • Tunneling Machine
    Micro separator (Decanter)
    • Form : DK-22
    • Output : 22kW
    • Treatment capability : 4∼6㎥/h
    • Size : W2,335 x L840 x H1,550
    • Weight : 3,206.8kg
  • Tunneling Machine
    Lubrication System
    • Form : MU-400
    • Motor : 0.75kW
    • Discharge amount : MAX. 9ℓ/min
    • Discharge amount : Max 2MPa
    • Discharge pressure : 1.5kW x 2EA
    • Weight : 537.8kg

      Cobra method machine enables to construct in many ways such as gas pipe, communication pipe, water and sewer pipe, ect

      ㆍModel : CKE-1000 / CKE-1500 시공현장

Pipe return method

The only TBM which is enable to excavate back and forth

pipe return

Innovative method which do not need to construct receival shaft

Thanks to self-return equipment load, jacking body can be returned from launch shaft and then exchange cutter, after that re-excavate


EM Korea has acquired the rights to the Semi-shield TBM-- the only TBM which has the ability to move both forwards and backwards, allowing it to return to the launch shaft upon completion of a project. One of another impressive feature is that this semi-shield machine is able to excavate in every direction include downward, upward, horizontal and angles. In addition, all the process can be controlled by automatic operating system. Not only thrust constructions but also foundation work, slope work, pipe routing work and water collecting work can be done. Also, it is possible to exchange the beats while excavating in accordance with changes of soil type. Minimum diameter of launch shaft is 2000mm and maximum long distance excavating is longer than 300m.

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Feature of pipe return method and applicable area

  • ㆍLeave thrust pipe and reduce cutter face so that it can move
        back and forth also, re- input and re-excavating
  • ㆍLittle space is requiredfor the launch base,
         existing pipe space may be used as a return shaft
  • ㆍIt is able to excavate in every direction
  • ㆍLong distance drilling can be done at
         more than 300 meters
Leave thrust pipe and reduce cutter face so that it can move back and forth
  • •Change bit depends on soil type, able to choose
        slurry discharging method
  • •Soil improvement can be done inside of
        the jacking machine body
  • •No need to take out thrust pipe
        when error occurs
        (minimizing environmental infulence)
Little space is required for the launch base, so there is no need to construct a receival shaft
  • •Minimum radius 2,000m launch shaft
        (when jacking direction is horizontal)
  • •No need to construct receival shaft
  • •It is accessible to existing buried pipe and
        design space
It is able to excavate in every direction
•Downward, upward, horizontal and angles
Maximum long distance excavation can be done longer than 300m
  • •Highly accurate measurement can be done
        thanks to high functionalized electronic
        device and precise management
  • •Direction modifying can be done in real-time

      Construction examples : pipe line constructions such as water and sewer / gas / communication / electricity. Direct connection into existing buried
      pipe, water collecting well work, reinforcement work of tunnel entrance, ect.

      ㆍModels : PKE-450 / PKE-650 / PKE-800 / PKE-1000 / PKE-1250 / PKE-1350 시공현장

Thrust body returning process

  • 추진완료
  • 리턴장치를 강관내면에 고정
  • 리턴장치 쪽으로 선도제 후진
  • 강관내면에 고정한 리턴장치를 해제
  • 리턴장치를 원위치로 이동

Process of underground river
thrust work

  • 지반개량-선도체의 선단에서 약액을 주입하고 지수(止水) 목적의 지반개량을 한다
  • 빼어내기, 비트교환 - 선도체를 회수, 비트코아커터로 교환
  • 재삽입 - 코아커터를 장착한 선도체를 재삽입하여 장해물을 굴진
  • 빼어내기, 비트교환 - 선도체를 회수하여,코아커터를 비트로 교환
  • 재삽입 - 비트로 교환한 선도체를 재삽입하고 굴진을 제거
  • 선도체 회수 - 도달 후는 선도체를 회수하고 발진수직구로부터 철수